Gospel Patronage

Pray that God would raise up Patrons to support this ministry!

Gospel Patronage is the recognition that God has called some of His children to use their skills in business for the purpose of supporting those who have been called to work full time for the Kingdom. Another12 pursues the concept of gospel patronage because we are fully committed to emulating the example of Christ in every way.

What is so significant about gospel patronage is that it is the way in which God chose to support the ministry of Jesus and many of the Apostles.

Of all the incredible and supernatural ways that God could have supported the earthy ministry of Jesus, He chose to raise up people who were called to take a role in His ministry that was financial.

We have committed to praying for God to raise up 100 patrons who are willing to support our work financially to propel the work of the ministry forward. God is so faithful that He has already raised up our first patron, and so now the need is 99!

Please pray for God to raise up these 99 people!

To gain a better understanding of Gospel Patronage, visit www.gospelpatrons.org

God Supports His Work Through the Generosity Of His People

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