The Importance of Godly Obedience

There are only two paths in life for humans to walk, the path of disobedience to God or the path of obedience to God.


This reality is essential to understand because, as believers who have been saved by Jesus, we are called to walk a path of obedience to God. Obedience is the foundation for all godly living and all ministry, and here’s why. When we give the message of the gospel, we call people from disobedience to obedience, so if we are living in disobedience, then we are being hypocrites and not living up to the calling that God has given us for our lives.


When we live in disobedience, the people we are trying to reach will see our testimony, and the message of the gospel will lose its effectiveness because our witness will destroy it. If we want to be successful in our ministry, we must give the gospel, but we must also live lives that are marked by obedience.


We must live an example out before those that we are trying to reach. We see this modeled by Jesus perfectly in His life. He lived a perfect life before His disciples and before all those to whom He taught the truth. We, as followers of Jesus, must live the same way, living a life marked by obedience, so that our message of the gospel will not be undermined by our example.